Stratford Cattle Market Development update 30/10/13

With the recent adverse weather and suspension of highway works for last week’s Mop Fair, the opening of the new signal junction of Birmingham Road / Western Road has been delayed until Thursday 31st October.

Station Road / Approach will now be maintained open for vehicles until the new signals are in operation and from Friday 1st November vehicular access to the Station and Medical Centre will be diverted via Western Road.

Station Road / Approach will now be maintained open for pedestrians accessing the Station until Monday 4th November prior to re-routeing to the north of the Site Compound.

British Telecom’s contractor will also be working in this vicinity for approximately four days from Thursday 31st October.

From Wednesday 6th November the Alcester Road north-side footway will be closed with pedestrians walking between the Town Centre and the west side of the railway diverted onto the southern footway to enable a safety zone to be established between road traffic into the Town Centre and the construction works .