Stratford Cattle Market Development update – 21/11/2013

Western Road/Birmingham RoadParking Sign V3

Works to install the new set of Traffic Signals on the Western Road/Birmingham junction have now been completed successfully. Warwickshire County Council’s signals specialists are closely monitoring the junction to ensure it operates as efficiently as possible.

New parking restrictions will soon come into force along Western Road to restrict usage of the new parking bays to 2 hours in an effort to improve customer access to businesses on the Western Road industrial estate. Clear signage will be installed to signify when this happens.

Alcester Road/Station Road

The pedestrianisation of Station Road is now underway, with the council’s contractor continuing to build up the ground level in order to provide a flat area for the new paving. The new Traffic Signals at this junction are expected to come into operation during February/March.

Pedestrian access from Alcester Road has been maintained with a newly built footway around the construction site.

Vehicle access to the Train Station is now via Birmingham Road/Western Road. Access to Rother House Medical Centre will remain open from Alcester Road until the New Year.