Redrow Homes has begun the new housing development of the site of the former cattle market adjacent to Stratford Railway station.

A new access to the development will be created off Alcester Road.

In conjunction with these works, an alternative access to the station car park will be provided via Western Road. These works will be constructed in advance of the works on Alcester Road in order to maintain access to the station car park. The junction of Western Road and Birmingham Road will be signalised.

Access to the new Redrow Housing Development off Alcester Road, Stratford

A new signal-controlled junction is to be provided on Alcester Road at approximately the same location and the existing junction with Station Road.

The existing Station Road will become a paved pedestrian thoroughfare. Vehicular access to the new station car park will be provided from the new junction on Alcester Road through the new development.

When will work start and when will they finish?

Work is due to start on the Birmingham Road/ Western Road junctions and the re-surfacing works to Western Road in Mid June 2013, and will last for approximately 8 weeks.

Once these works are complete, works will begin on Alcester Road and will last for approximately 22 weeks.

It is planned that the works will be completed by Christmas 2013

What can I expect to see on site?

Alcester Road

The works on Alcester Road will require the widening the existing embankment, followed by the diversion of a gas main, electricity mains and telecommunications cables. Once these diversions have been completed, construction of the new roads will begin.

The contractor will have to ensure suitable pedestrian access to the railway station, including for wheelchair users, is provided from Alcester Road at all times.

Birmingham Road/Western Road Junction

The works to this junction are expected to take approximately 8 weeks and will comprise the installation of new traffic signals.

No alteration to existing kerblines is planned. Tactile paving will be installed on the footways at crossing points. The raised table on Western Road will be removed.

The re-surfacing of Western Road will require the existing surfacing to be planed off and a new surface course laid.

When will the works take place?

Both Birmingham Road and Alcester Road are important strategic routes into and out of Stratford. For this reason, constraints have been placed on the working hours of the contractor. The contractor must maintain uninterrupted two-way flows on both roads during morning and evening peak hours during the week. With the high volumes of tourist traffic, similar restrictions have been placed on his working hours at weekends, with no restrictions on flows permitted between 10am and 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Similar restrictions will apply to various events planned during the construction period.

Noise restrictions have been imposed by Stratford District Council, which will limit the ability to undertake these works overnight and outside of normal working hours.

Road Closures

Station Road will become closed to traffic. However this will not happen until the works to Western Road are complete. This is expected to be around mid-July 2013.